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I just read this African proverb...

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together",

...and instantly thought of the school and this lovely community of students helping each other.
Rock on!! :rock-hand:
Gsavage_101 wrote on Syn Gates's profile.
Love you bro wish to be as badass one day!🤘🔥
How's here a guitar Couples?!!
I asked about this a few weeks ago and didnt get much feedback so im gonna post again. Ive made some changes to the mix anyway lol but this is the first song that my band has all done together and i really like how this song came out and I'm excited about it and i just wanna know what people think about the song. The name of it is Fatality and i think its fitting for the times we are in right now. Again please let me know what you think link is below.

Really love this site. Thanks so much

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