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Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar
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Solo for the blues section of the collab. Hope you like it ya'll.
Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar
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Despite me only playing planets.....:green-skull::pink-skull::rainbow-skull:...

I am actually planning something HUGE for a future CJ's 2 cents. It's something I am praticing right now and it will come in handy to you all I hope when it comes to our beloved CAGED System......
This site is a godsent.PERIOD.
But the fact that there will be upgrades, is insane.

I just love this site!
Rock Star Student...that title sounds good...Heavy is the Crown
Lately things have been making click in my playing and I am super pumped for it. All thanks to this amazing school and encouraging comunity!
Fuck I just realized that I have been doing economy picking unconsciously this entire time when I attemp to play fast........oh damn.
Well, I will have my redemption soon, thanks to brother @Filip Tomiša! He sent me a properly synched version of the Backing track of He is!
I got blisters on my fingers!
Isn't funny how the site reminds you of your lazyness...with the active tracks XD....I will get back to it! (Eventually....right now the focus is stamina).
Hell yeah!!! 300 Bpm alternate picking....lets see if tomorrow I can reach that too...
New year new player? My mission is to correct my playing flaws so I can become even better.
Im ready to make the most of this....cause this school is solid gold!