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So here’s the song I learned today!! I’ve been listening to skillet like crazy lately and their one of my fav bands to see live! So I decided I’d do a cover of one of their songs! Enjoy!!
Mi humilde interpretación de esta gran canción!!!
Crossroads riff

Crossroads riff

This is one of the riffs i've been wanting to get down for a very long time and now i finally managed to get it down to a playable standard but i'm still gonna work on it until i get it down perfectly though😉
A lot of bending... I love it! :D Instagram: simoneichingerx
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After months of working behind the scenes, we are thrilled to share with you one of our most special projects we ever did: Pledge Allegiance: Quarantine Days Eight Israeli bands, Eight cover songs for Avenged Sevenfold. In these COVID-19 days, we need to be more creative, and adapt to the current state in the world. This year we might not be able to celebrate Avenged Sevenfold music in person, but it doesn't mean we can't do it from afar. Eight Israeli bands have joined us to this special tribute project, to share respect to the songs we all hold dear. Every week, at Monday and Thursday, we will release the covers to our Youtube channel Featuring: Canine | Unleash The Pain | AndrelamusiA | Time For Something Real | Anti Rabbit | Her Last Sight | Dream Escape | Revision The Dream
So I was watching The Game Awards a few hours ago and the Call of Duty clip reminded me of this song. This riff is crazy and I really enjoy playing it, especially the vibrato and palm meeting; groovy songs are great stress busters imo xD. The notes I'm playing are from what I remember and what sounds right, just having fun. Yeah, don't forget to have fun! haha
This is a really cool set of covers I found on YouTube. It's a set of some of the best A7X songs where all the parts are preformed acoustically. It's really well done performance and edit wise. I thought the site might enjoy it, so I posted it here. To be clear, THIS IS NOT ME. All credit goes to the creator.
This is an in-depth lesson on how to find & remember all of the notes on your Guitar - the easiest way! The lesson also shows you how to apply the knowledge to Jam in any key. Enjoy!
The guitar sound for this track is my Marshall JCM 800 direct out from the FX loop with a Celestion G12-80 loaded cab IR.
Great economy picking workout! :D Instagram: simoneichingerx Gear: - ESP Horizon NT-II - Marshall JVM410H
Doing Time solo cover
Let's add some space to solo before the end :D.
This is a better take on previously uploaded video Synyster Gates inspired riff
Syn's tips for this lesson are to use ornamentation/embellishing in order to make your chords and soloing more interesting. This helps in developing your own style and making your playing unique to you. I took this as a challenge to use nothing but the scales/arpeggios presented in this lesson and turn them in to a song. This is what I came up with.
This is a Riff I came up with inspired by Synyster Gates I came up with this using Syns sweep lesson 4
This is a lick I came up with inspired by Synyster Gates I developed this inspired by sweep picking lesson 4
We’re all kids band from Myanmar 🇲🇲 Please take a listen when you have time
Lesson 69 Overview of the Pentatonic Solo Pattern Mixed a bunch a bunch of stuff I learned recently and tried to apply it I started first by picking a lesson that would build on what I was already working on, which was Pentatonics. Being it my first scale, I thought I knew it all after just the Am Pentatonic, but I guess there were more shapes. In the Tip he said to try it out on the other Scales as well so I went and mesmerized the Major Pentatonic shapes. So the lesson said to use the 2/3 3/2 patterns to move around easy and it for sure got me going. I tried to use it as much as I could, wasn't trying to be groovy or melodic or add spices like bends. Kind of went off scale on some parts, it was pretty much improve. I did jam over my jam track many times. I tried to use everything CAGED I could think of mixed with Pentatonics and Blue notes here and there. Not sure if I used it right, but the starting riff and background chords I tried to play in one position with the CAGED shapes.
As if you needed help with the lyrics for this epic song. This was for shits and giggles.
This is a cover and an instructional video of the solo in Cherokee by Europe. This solo is originally played by John Norum. Comment if you have any questions :)
Here’s my entry to the pedal contest. Some beginner stuff here, I would name it “Nothing fancy”. Since one of my goals is feeling the fretboard, memorizing it from top to bottom, I’m exploring the arps and triads. So here I’m basing on lesson 50, where Syn says “you need to memorize the sound of all four triads”. There’s a lot on the plate here and as a beginner I need to take small bites, that’s why I’m focusing on the major triads and arpeggios. I created my backing track in D and messed around (and messed up sometimes too, lol) a little with my arps and triads, finding the notes moving up and down the fretboard slowly. I should mention too that I’ve finally internalized another one of Syn’s tips, which he mentions in a lot of the lessons (like lesson 38 for example) and I’m trying to practice slowly and make my playing smooth.
Well... I tried xD. To adress rule #1 directly: A major cornerstone of Blues (sorry for the pun) is the I7 IV7 V7 chord progression. Now, Syn tells us in his tips for lesson 68, that a cool scale to chose over this progression is the mixolydian scale, which is a major scale with a flat 7. He tells us to directly adress each chord with its corresponding scale. So for my backing track, that would be E7 with E mixo, A7 with A mixo, B7 with B mixo. Apart from the whole theory stuff, the biggest areas of work for me are still: a) technical skill and b) creative ideas. I found it pretty challenging adressing each chord with its own scale, while also trying to pay attention to the shared notes to make the transitions smooth... and then still coming up with licks that fit all the constraints and are still melodic. Well, here is the result, I tried, and I will continue to try, haha :D.
I had an accident about 4 years ago and I asked my mother for pictures today. A lot of the pictures are a bit viewer discretion really so I'm keeping those for myself for now. However, she also sent me this clip of me playing guitar in the hospital. It's not over a backingtrack or anything but it's just me playing some stuff
So as a complete beginner I used to get intimidated by Syn and other musicians when they switched between strumming and string-skipping arpeggios over chord progressions. And after a decent amount of time, I could play these string skipping sections but they never felt natural to me. As Syn mentions in lesson 44 (string skipping): The only way to get….If you don’t use it, you lose it!”. So at first, I had to sorta force this style into my playing but later it’s funny that it actually became my go-to. For the alternate picking, Syn mentions in lesson 40, “Apply this to your pentatonics, ...and repeat.” and that has helped me with the fluidity even outside of the metal scene. Lastly, I can’t stress enough how important metronome practice for alternate picking has been for me when it came to increasing speed and fluidity gradually. Syn always mentions this (like in lesson 40) along with emphasizing the use of jam tracks! (couldn't quote him because of the word limit :3)