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Little collage of some recent hobby stuff-LED killswitch for my beautiful Vampira, and couple customized pickguards for another dude- killswitch pushbuttons/independent pickup switches!

Progress on my artsy projects (Could use ideas for what color to makesonic pickups please!)

half man.half cop.all RAT
I found a awesome PJ squire bass for $75 so had to jump on it, im eventually going to make it a X-men theme

before after (actually managed to do the black sparkle color pretty close for pickup cover so itd match the body)
I still watch this video from time to time - epic!

PG - hope you can do more of this!

So much i want to do, so little time to do it. Be excellent to each other my friends! 🤘
My Lesson Video for The Musical Alphabet & How to Use it is finished and rendering now! - I'll post it in Tutorials when it's uploaded :geek: It's 12 mins long - as it goes quite in depth. It should hopefully be of use to someone 🤞

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